"Be compelling. Be engaging. I help leaders and their teams elevate their communication skills to get results."

"Learners are participants in their own training process and it's their experience that comes first." 


F.I.R.S.T The Training Experience



The Experience. Every time.


When participants are having fun, they become engaged in team building by sharing mutual feelings.


A conversation in sales, leadership or presentations can not be manipulated. It can however, be guided to create trust and ultimately to influence the desired result.


Participants leave the training program with the confidence & motivation to say: "I'm gonna try that".


People need to know why something is relevant to their world. Establishing that relevance is the beginning, before diving into complexities.


This experience is as unique as each individual client or company and all will be treated as such.

Great energy and sense of humour, time passed quickly because I was learning and enjoying the exercises.
— Sales Director
Joel, you were a tremendous hit and I am honored to have met you! Thank you for all that you did to ensure a successful new mindset for our team(s) in Europe.
— RVP Global Sales
A great learning experience over the last two days, I learned a great deal about presenting.
— Imran, Manager Technology Strategy and Architecture
Joel made the learning exciting. The feedback he provided was so valuable, made me really think about key moments I missed in my sales meetings with my clients.
— VP I.T Sales
Joel, thanks for putting together the session for us today. I have a lot of respect for your ability to be ‘present’ and your ability to ‘say yes’ in conversations – so evident, even within little quick interchanges with people. It really is for lack of a better word, ‘cool’ to see how quickly you are able to build rapport with people as well as guide and influence them down your path. I appreciate the learnings that come from these moments and look forward to how I can ‘leverage’ my insights into my own triggers in future conversations – familiar or work setting.
— David, Project Manager
Best training I ever participated in!
— Lessa, Vice President and Wealth Advisor
The past two days have been a pleasurable challenge. Joel’s combination of passion, wit, and skills are very rare. I really do hope we have an opportunity to stay in touch.
— Daniel, Vice President Financial Advisor
Joel did an amazing job for us. A great facilitator, always so engaging and making it relevant. Thank you again for all the insights you’ve brought us.
— Manager of Learning
Joel, I wanted to give some quick feedback on the program and your involvement in it. What you brought to the program was great and very much exceeded our expectations.
— Ian, Principal Management & Consulting



I feel quite fortunate to have worked with such an exceptional group of companies. Each client interaction has been both educational and inspiring. These companies are recognizable brands because of their belief structure. Putting the development and education of people at the forefront of any business model will pay dividends over time.

The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.
— Charles Schwab