Joel Silverstone

Be compelling. be engaging.

"Being a great communicator is developing your awareness by watching for the clues and cues.

And moving your audience to action”

Joel offers over 20 years of experience as a bilingual facilitator, speaker and coach. With a focus on supporting fortune 500 executives and their teams, Joel delivers an interactive, fun and insightful experience on such topics as: Mastering Challenging Conversations, Delivering Compelling Presentations and Creating Engaging Sales Interactions.

Joel is a Certified Coach in EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Assessment and has a B.F.A in Theatre Performance. Previous television, theatre and improvisation work has developed Joel's talent to bring energy and unique techniques into his workshops.


Lynda Esposito,

National Sales Training Manager

Dun & Bradstreet

“ Throughout my professional career I have attended numerous sessions, but Joel’s was the most engaging, energetic, and impactful session by far.

The ENTIRE room was participating through a fresh, new approach to teaching a critical soft skill.

I highly recommend Joel to any organization who is looking for a fresh, energetic approach to engaging their staff and improving skills”.


the power to move

Silverstone Communications uses the “M.O.V.E.” model for training.

A proven, effective and thorough communications model, based on momentum.

In the acting world, an actor’s job is to move the other actor, which in turn, moves the scene forward. In business, the objective is to move our customer to open dialogue. This movement creates engagement and moves the conversation forward in a compelling way.

interactive keynotes

Looking to improve your ability to listen? Perhaps you wish to master the art of productive conversations.