I was a professional actor for many years and like most actors, I struggled to pay my rent. So I started teaching acting techniques. It didn’t take long for me to notice my classes were filled with business people. They liked the idea of improvisation skills, learning to trust their instincts and developing the confidence to make strong choices under pressure. They also appreciated how acting skills allowed them to present their best self as a first impression.

These findings propelled me into the corporate world full time. I thrive on sharing techniques and ideas from the acting world to create compelling and engaging communicators in the business world.

85% of your financial success is due to your ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. While only 15% is due to technical knowledge.*
— * www.forbes.com/sites/keldjensen/2012/04/12/intelligence-is-overrated-what-you-really-need-to-succeed/#71455ffa6375

"In every interaction, there is a turning point. It's like watching the sports highlights, it's the very moment the game was lost or won."


With a love for all things challenging, I am an avid runner and a world class obstacle race competitor. I believe in the commitment to embrace change, set goals and treat others with respect.

I am married and have two very active boys. Hence, my negotiation skills and improvisational tactics have been honed to perfection.