And... Take 2 In India.

I had the rare opportunity to get a second chance. Facilitate the same 2 day workshop but have a day to reflect in between- "What can I do better?"-

I’m doing a value selling workshop in INDIA! A different culture and different values, I want to be respectful and more importantly, relevant. Of course, at the end of the training I'd love them to say: “WOW”.

I think take 1 in Kolkata goes well but not a WoW. Smart participants but there is a communication gap on my side. It's the opposite of my usual audience because in India you nod your approval first, then ask. It takes me some time to realize this.

  • Me : “Okay, lets do this exercise, does that sound fair?"

  • Heads nodding “Yes"

  • Me: “Okay, go to the flip charts…"

  • Nothing

  • Me: “Lets start... now"

  • Nothing 

And so this goes on for 2 days.
I read the evaluations after the first session. Positive, but one feedback stands out:

"Too much monologue from the facilitator!"

MOI? Talking too much? 

In my mind, I don’t have much to say and often skip slides to get learners busy talking and doing the exercises.

There it is, one person has the confidence to say what many are probably thinking.

So what can I do better next time around? 

1) Communicate clearer and engage participants more.

  • Repeat key points at least twice.

  • Ask for an example after that key point.

2) Get participants up and moving more.

  • Do fun type listening exercises like Zoom Zap.

  • Do on the spot role-plays such as: The life of a customer.

3) Be specific in instructions and illustrate accordingly.

Take 2 in Delhi goes much better. By implementing these concepts there is more trust and safety and a monologue changes to dialogue!