Did You Offer The Matching Handbag?

Sales is a service mindset and I learned that lesson from a subject matter expert, my grand-mother.

My first sales job was at a shoe store with an older clientele. I was working with a customer and feeling guilty, my belief  (the story I was telling myself) was that I was 'pushing' shoes to older ladies who all reminded me of my sweet nana.

Sure enough, I wasn't doing well. My manager approached me after another client walked out of the store empty handed.

  • "Did you at least offer her the matching handbag to go with the shoes?"

  • "WHAT?” I was shocked, I was also expected to be a 'purse pusher'?

When I shared the story that night with my grand-mother she said: “Oh...I love it when they suggest a purse to go with the shoes.”

AHA! My beliefs or story was getting in the way of the customers experience, an experience I would have been offering, not pushing a cheap handbag.

From Dan Pink "To Sell Is Human"

“At the opportunity to move someone… answer this question, 'If your customer you’re selling to agrees, will his or her life improve?”

Apparently a matching handbag will do that.