In the acting world, an actor’s job is to move the other actor, which in turn, moves the scene forward. In business, the objective is to move our customer to open dialogue. This creates engagement to move the conversation forward in a compelling way.


Breathe, be welcoming and start with a purpose.


Ask questions and be curious. Ask to understand and be ready to listen for accuracy and not assumptions.


Learn how to summarize, clarify and offer suggestions to move the conversation forward.


Aquire the skills to engage the next steps with an ask or an offer.

Thank you Joel, I really enjoyed our sessions.
Together with your tips and coaching, they made a lot of sense and were very helpful.
— Nancy, Manager Corporate Programs

Move Your Presentations

Are you presenting to peers, management or customers? Facilitating meetings or training sessions?

MOVE your confidence to deliver engaing sessions. 

  1. Elevate your presence and confidence through speech and interactive modules.

  2. Build your self awareness and audience management skills.

  3. Learn about perception and how others may view you.

  4. Explore a different perspective and think about how others feel and react.

  5. Master your intention through authentic interaction.

This was an important approach to managing that focuses on leadership and enabling or growing leaders, all with specific points I can improve on.
— Michelle McCombs, Deputy Director

Move Your Leadership


You've recently been promoted or you’ve been leading the way for quite some time. You deserve it.

Now it’s time to MOVE your leadership skills.

  1. Learn how to create balance between empathy and assertiveness when giving feedback.

  2. Become a more effective, motivating and engaging leader.

  3. Coach your associates, deliver effective management strategies and foster independence throughout your team.

Really appreciated the flow, fun and challenging. Very good examples that we can use right away”
— Nicholas, Sales Director

Move Your Influencing Skills

Why isn’t that other person listening and buying in?

It might be time to change the narrative by engaging your influencing skills.

Influencing is making someone feel MOVED and not manipulated.

  1. Learn how to navigate difficult, emotionally charged conversations without feeling like you’re pitching a formula.

  2. Learn how listening can move someone from a point of resistance to willingness.

  3. Learn how to identify the facts and emotions that influence perception

Interactive sessions are tailored to the needs of each group or individual client and will be accommodated over one or two days… or bite size. 

Joel did an amazing job for us. A great facilitator, always so engaging and making it relevant. Thank you again for all the insights you’ve brought us.
— Manager of Learning