Elevate Your Presence

Are you presenting to peers, management, customers?

Facilitating a meeting or a training session?

Discover and practice the 4 steps to creating more engaging and compelling public speaking sessions. 

Elevate your presence and confidence through the way you speak and interact

–Build your awareness, Self and audience management skills–

–How do others perceive you and how do you make them feel, react and think?–

–Master your intention, not the script–

–Style Consultation available–

Thank you Joel, I really enjoyed our sessions.
Together with your tips and coaching, they made a lot of sense and were very helpful.
— Nancy, Manager Corporate Programs


Elevate Your Leadership

Congratulations, you've recently been promoted or you’ve been leading the way for quite some time. 

You deserve it!!

 And now its time to elevate those leadership skills.

Are you seeking to be better at motivating and engaging your team members?

Do you wait for 'performance review' time to deliver difficult feedback?


–Simple Steps on How and why to coach Your associates– 

–Be more effective with less time in supporting your people–

–How to find the balance between empathy and assertiveness when giving feedback–


This was an important approach to managing that focuses on leadership and enabling or growing leaders, all with specific points I can improve on.
— Michelle Mccombs, Deputy Director


Elevate Your Influencing Skills

Why isn’t that other person listening and buying in?

You want to get to a dialogue and get that 'win-win' moment?

It might be time to change the story by elevating your influencing skills.

Influencing is making someone feel moved not manipulated

–navigating Difficult, Emotionally Charged Conversations–

 –Make it a Conversation Not a Pitch–

–How Listening can change someone from resistant to willing–

–How to find the balance of facts and emotions when influencing–


Really appreciated the flow, fun and challenging. Very good examples that we can use right away”
— Nicholas, Sales Director

All interactive sessions will be tailored for each client whether it is a group or an individual. 

Sessions can be conducted for 1 day or 2 days... or bite size.