Listening Skills Affect Organizations Globally

A ‘gap in training’ says the Harvard Business Review. The high cost associated with poor listening skills is estimated at 60% of all management problems and we misinterpret or change 70 to 90% of what we hear.


"So You Think You Can Listen?"

Acting Techniques To Improve Listening Skills

Participants will engage and explore four different acting techniques to enhance their listening skills. Building emotionally intelligent strategies while acquiring the skill, mindset and positive body language will have you ready to listen for accuracy, and not assumptions.

"You're not listening to me”, says or thinks a customer, employee or colleague. We believe we are listening and yet the conversation seems stuck. For a customer, employee or colleague, feeling listened to and understood is pivotal in connecting and moving the conversation forward. Leaders and their teams often struggle with this important step which takes the audience from a place of resistance to willingness.

Learn The Four Techniques

  1. Focus On Your Mindset

  2. Listen With Your Body

  3. Listen For Accuracy And Not Assumptions

  4. Be Genuinely Present

These techniques, with EI mindset help learners develop the soft skill of listening that has a hard impact.

Throughout my professional career I have attended numerous sessions, but this was the most engaging, energetic, and impactful session by far. The ENTIRE room was participating through a fresh, new approach to teaching a critical soft skill. their staff and improving skills.”
— -Lynda Esposito National Sales and Training Manager Dunn & Bradstreet


These Three Words Create So Much Anxiety

How do you deliver feedback or a difficult conversation when emotions and stakes are high?

As a leader, you want to deliver balanced feedback that creates positive change. But first, how do you lower the temperature, yours and the other persons to be fair, clear and engaging? For both parties, emotions run strong, ego's are involved and opinions vary. This talk is about delivering productive and fair feedback that builds awareness and turns resistance to willing. 

Learn The Steps

Join me in an interactive session to master the art of courageous conversations that initiate change.

  1. Identify Long Term Objectives And Strategies To Achieve Cooperation

  2. Learn To Be Courageous And Confident When Delivering Feedback

  3. Build Your Awareness Of Yourself And Others

“I attended several sessions at the Conference, yes AND, I enjoyed and got the most out of yours — with its fun and interactive improv exercises using volunteers from the audience. “
— -Adriana Carlin HR Consultant Get Fillip, Inc. at Get Fillip, Inc