"So You Think You Can Listen"


"How these 4 acting TECHNIQUES make you more present and a better listener"

-Participants will engage with and explore :  
4 different types of Acting techniques + building emotional intelligence strategies to get the skills, mindset and body ready to listen for accuracy, and not assumptions.  

"You're not listening to me!" says or thinks a customer, employee, colleague.

We believe we are listening and yet the conversation seem stuck. For a customer, employee or colleague feeling listened to and understood is pivotal in connecting and moving forward. Leaders and their teams often struggle with this important step to get their audience from 'resistant to willing'.  

Borrowing from Actors, they must learn to re-act genuinely as the camera/audience is right on them and it has to be real, it can't be acted.  

How do they do it take after take?  

I will share the Four Techniques, with EI mindset to help learners develop the soft skill of listening that has a hard impact.  

Listening skills affect organizations globally!

A "gap in training" says the Harvard Business Review. 

The high cost associated with poor listening is estimated at 60% of all management problems and we misinterpret or change 70-90 % of what we hear. 

If you want to support change in your organization and develop the skills needed, you won't go far if no one is listening for it. 

I explore with the audience 4 ACTING techniques that focuses on:

  • Our mindset

  • Listen with our body

  • Listening for accuracy (not assumptions)

  • How to be genuinely present

I attended several HRPA sessions at the conference and enjoyed the most out Joel’s- with its fun and interactive improv exercises.
I left with a clearer understanding of how to be a better listener.
I have been catching myself in old habits and already feel there’s an improvement.”
— Adriana Carlin, Global HR Manager Northplains, Principal @ Get Filip Inc.
The funnest session on listening that provided insight and has stuck with me a week later.
— Matt Metcalfe, Manager Health, Safety and Wellness @ York region


No other 3 words can create so much anxiety.

How do you deal with giving feedback when emotions and stakes are high ?

As a leader, you want to deliver balanced feedback to a team member AND create a change in their behaviour.

"Can we Talk"- also known as "Can you come see me when you have a minute?", "Let's go have a coffee"

How can you lower the temperature when giving feedback?  For both parties, emotions may be running strong, ego's are involved and opinions vary?  As a leader or colleague,  you want to deliver balanced feedback to a team member AND create a change in their behaviour.  

Join me in this highly interactive session to practice and uncover the 4 steps  to build comfort having a courageous conversation to create change.

Participants in this session:

  1. Gain a better perspective on themselves and other in a difficult conversation

  2. Identify what they want to achieve long term in this difficult interaction.

  3. Confidence to be courageous